The kersthuis

A real life Santa mansion


Born05 and create a unique Christmas experience

In the weeks leading up to Christmas almost a million people from Holland and Belgium visited one special place: the kersthuis. A larger than life mansion built in just two months at the Lukkien studio’s in Ede. The kersthuis played a big part in Etcetera’s commercial and was filled with magical Christmas content by Born05. Over 75 minutes of inspirational videos, 13 original photoshoots and almost 50 blogs… A connective collaboration that proved to be a huge success.


Right place, right time, right feeling

During the holiday season, large companies all launch their Christmas campaigns. They all have to come up with something really special. In’s case: an actual Christmas house featured in the TV commercial supported by a vast content program. Born05 created a massive amount of editorial blogs filled with kersthuis video’s and photoshoots. All stories were linked to the product categories as well as its customer’s journeys. Main goal? Add a cohesive layer of relevant content to the sales messages, to strengthen the brand and further establish it as a household name during Christmas time in Belgium and Holland.

The kersthuis has three huge floors, with a cozy living room, a fully operational kitchen, a bathroom with a working tub and toilet, a bedroom and an attic for the kids. It even features a garden full of sparkling Christmas lights and paraphernalia. Only three things were missing; people, stories and an online adaptation. Born05 provided all three.



The kersthuis was bustling with activity. Belgian TV chef Wim Ballieu, stylists Emilie & Sabine from ‘Huizenjacht’, ‘foodies’ Vivian Reijs and Véronique Leysen, vloggers The Blonde Tigers and Joardy Film, FIFA champion Koen Weijland and many more interesting guests visited the kersthuis. Every guest was greeted with the same warm spontaneity and kindness by our very talented Dutch-Belgian hosts Grietje and Dempsey. An awesome ‘couple’ who really helped to give all our videos that much needed authentic live vibe.


One of our main challenges was to translate the magical ambiance of the house and TV commercial onto the online platform. We achieved this by adding a fluent CG intro animation (and some extra snow) to the homepage. But also by producing all the content in the kersthuis itself. Almost every video and picture you see was produced by Born05 with the help of a great team at the Lukkien studio’s in Ede. Add to this a hefty dose of editorial Christmas copy and you have the perfect content mix to be distributed to audiences across Belgium and the Netherlands. No stock images, but authentic content that gave the kersthuis its unique character and a beautiful raison d’etre.


The kersthuis is a real house, with a real letterbox. So, wouldn’t it be cool to receive tons of Christmas cards? Done! We came up with a Christmas prize bonanza, giving all readers a chance to win one or more items used in the house by sending a Christmas card to the kersthuis. We were overwhelmed by more than 2000 festive greeting cards from Belgian and Dutch readers.


Born05’s proud to have built this project with An awesome production and a great cooperation with our friends at Lukkien, Etcetera and VICE. With around 1 million visitors, an average time on page of more than 4 minutes and a high click-through ratio the kersthuis proved to be an excellent inspirational hub to!