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For over 70 years, de Baak has been the only training institute in the Netherlands that specialises in personal development within leadership. While people have heard of de Baak, most are not aware of their unique values and approach to personal development. With its first real brand campaign, De Baak wants to reposition itself as a distinctive force within the category. Presenting itself as a contemporary brand with a new brand position in the 2019 campaign.

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Reason. We believe in you.

De Baak believes that the success of organisations is largely determined by and dependant on the way people work together, complementing and reinforcing each other. Personal leadership plays a crucial part. De Baak believes in people. De Baak believes that you can make a valuable contribution to your organisation and the world around you, when you are autonomous, strong and true to yourself. When you truly know yourself, you can be yourself. That is something you can develop. Getting to know yourself, as a person, but also within your professional role. Learning what your strengths are, as well as your weaknesses.

We have chosen this belief, which is grounded in De Baak’s philosophy, as the guideline for the repositioning and the accompanying campaign. Because we believe brands are at their strongest when they stay close to themselves.

Big idea. Take the lead.

If you want to be stronger in your work. If you want to improve your leadership skills and increase your impact, you need to start by working on yourself.

Everything revolves around you. You are in the lead. Not just in your work but also in the process of becoming a better leader. You need to take the lead to create situations where you and the people around you can work better together. But also, in taking the first step, which is to train at De Baak.

That’s our approach towards you, the professional. You decide. Whether you’ll work with us, or not. Whether you’ll let us help you discover what your possibilities are. It is up to you!

Our role is to tell you what your options are. What your strengths are. Your vulnerabilities. We’ll help you to be yourself in your work. Empower you to strengthen the collective. Ensuring you to work together more effectively and better bolster the potential of the people you work with. We can help you do that, but ultimately, it’s you who has to take the lead.

Outcome. Renewed brand.

A stand-out philosophy aks for a stand-out campaign. We have translated De Baak’s unique proposition into a striking TV commercial with four different online cutdowns, a radio commercial and print advertisements. The rhythmic and visually stunning commercials are made in collaboration with Since ‘88 and director Florence Bouvy. This repositioning campaign is the start of a renewed brand trajectory that’ll take shape in the coming year.

You work best,

if you know

who you are.

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