Eye Coffee

A visual journey into the heart of L’OR


‘The art of making’ brand visuals

Often a photo is worth a thousand words. But sometimes images need words to paint the entire picture and to reveal all the work that went into them. As is the case with the brand visuals we’ve created for L’OR. A dazzling set of images, quintessential to the new L’OR positioning.

Months of hard work were put into capturing the soul of L’OR. We travelled to Colombia, spent weeks in the photo studio and probably drank way too much coffee in the process. And it was all more than worth it.


Seeing is believing

Created in France in 1992, the ambition of L’OR has always been to offer the best coffee in the world. The premium coffee brand aims to deliver ‘captivating multisensorial experiences’. To communicate this philosophy L’OR needed a global visual communication strategy. A set of brand assets and images for on and offline purposes that follow strict visual principles and cover a variety of brand related themes. Well, that’s exactly what Born05 delivered. Over the course of a year we completed a comprehensive visual L’OR identity. Built around five concepts, based on extensive visual research and incredibly intricate, detailed and… labor intensive.


The L’Or story

To digitally mirror the passionate craftsmanship that goes into every L’OR cup, art direction had to be spot on. Just taking a bunch of gorgeous pictures wouldn’t cut it. So, for each of the fives concepts even the smallest details were rationalized and sketched out before we went to business.
The Art of Selection, The Art of Making, The Art of Degustation, Generic Assets and Lifestyle… Five distinctive but recognizable chapters that together show the entire LO’R story.

Generic Assets

As simple as they might look, these signature cups, coffee types and golden particles in an aroma trail took ages to get right. They’re part of the L’OR generic assets. Primary design ingredients for all kinds of online purposes, commercials (print) and packaging.

The Art Of Making

For The Art of Making we traveled to the Huila Department in the South-West of Colombia. In one week, our art director – with the help of the excellent photographer Arjan Benning – managed to beautifully capture the process of creating coffee. All other concepts were shot in Benning’s studios in Oostzaan.

The Art Of Selecting

Black, gold and one supporting color… The most important common thread for all L’OR images. Each and every picture was constructed around this and other visual principles. Even if you leave out the brand name each picture is unmistakably L’OR.


The L’OR Lifestyle images show serving suggestions with a high taste appeal for the different L’OR drinks. All with signature glassware and capturing that perfect coffee moments, from morning to evening.

The Art Of Degustation

Think of French luxury… The use of L’OR color contrast, golden tones, heavy shading and layered settings, create immersive images that are instantly recognizable. And take a look at the model’s hair. Her curls mimic the vapor coming from the warm coffee.



Looking at the final L’OR pictures it’s hard to fathom the amount of work that went into each of them. That’s a good sign. It shows that all end results feel natural – as if they’ve existed for years. Our L’OR team has managed to create something of the highest standards. Premium images and assets that will perfectly represent the L’OR brand wherever they’re shown or distributed.

And just like with a beautiful painting, they get even more impressive if you know the story behind them.