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Fifty is a magic number. This is also very much the case for the fiftieth edition of our iconic iFly KLM magazine. To celebrate this milestone properly we decided that it was time to shake things up a bit. The result: a jaw-dropping smooth scrolling journey to the fifty most beautiful places in the world.

This one-off special edition is our way to celebrate the fantastic journey we’ve made making the first 49 editions, and in a way it’s also our way to celebrate travelling. Because from the first look, all you want to do is hop on a plane and explore the world.


Just make it awesome

We’ve decided to leave the original iFly canvas. Then we dove into the endless stream of beautiful places. But we could only pick fifty. And we needed beautiful content to present those fifty places to you. So our strategy was simple: rejuvenate the iFly format, make it a celebration. But the original strategy, to create awareness in between flights, remained intact.


Every page an adventure

For this very special occasion we created a completely new interface and structure, allowing the user to smoothly scroll through all 50 destinations, offering special space-bar-induced-sidesteps along the way (but only if you want to). And you can enjoy all of this while listening to tailor made soothing tunes from Massive Music. You can unlock immersive 360° video footage. Last but not least: besides being the ultimate bucket list, the iFly50 is a possible ticket to your dream location as users can win a trip to one of the 50 locations, just by picking their personal top 5.

Our editorial team carefully curated all the content, sometimes even travelling half way across the world to get that perfect picture, video our sound bite. Never did we go for plan B, because only the best content made its way to the final fifty.

One of a kind

Swim with sharks in the St. Maarten Sea, climb the icy peaks of Tanzania’s Kilimanjaro, take a spiritual boat tour down the Ganges or stroll through the surreal Stockholm subway system. iFly50 has got it all, but be aware: love-struck driven spontaneous travel plans are just a gentle swipe away.

Flexible interface

Immersive on every screen

The iFly50 will leave you breathless on all devices, from desktop to mobile. The interface is user-friendly on all screens and carefully guides you through the list of 50 beautiful locations, offering you suggestions and tips along the way and giving you the opportunity to make a ticket winning bucket list.

Tempting transitions

Smooth animations make transitions and the entire experience immersive from beginning to end. Each number reveals the next location, making you long for more each time. A magnificent picture presents each location. But there’s more, because users can sometimes unlock special content like articles, video’s and audio interviews (even an 360 video!), using a gentle push mechanism on the screen. Every detail is made to perfection.

Our editorial team had to make some tough choices during the selection process. It took a lot of time and effort to eventually create the fabulous fifty you can now all adore. We even killed some darling along the way.

All the content in iFly50 had to meet the highest standards. If that meant that we had to face the cold to get the best northern light shot? We did it. Or chase down endless dead ends to finally get in touch with a secluded photographer so we could use his picture? Did that too. We really did everything we could to make it as awesome as possible. And it shows!


Sharing sensation

The results were a bit overwhelming. One of the readers even wanted to marry the site. The number of shares increased with a whopping 955%(!) Compared to previous issues. The iFly 50 broke all records, with a 132% reader increase, and a 120% increase in engagement time (7:04 minutes).



- Red Dot Award 'Best of the Best'
- IE Development Award
- FWA Mobile SOTD
- CSS Design Awards SOTD
- 2 Lovie Awards