A bucketload of inspiration

People love lists – especially when it comes to bucketlists. And that’s why we’ve made the bucket to fill those lists for next year, in the form of iFly 2017. An amazing and inspiring digital magazine in the spirit of iFly50, filled with THE destinations and events of 2017.

Goal: offering iFly KLM Magazine readers fifty new reasons to travel with KLM


We know where to take you

‘Where to go next year?’ is undoubtedly one of the most popular questions people ask each other at the end of the year. So, we – as an authority on travelling – decided to answer that question. Because simply put: we know where to take you. With the thousands of positive reactions to iFly50 buzzing in the back of our head, we made the choice to surprise the iFly KLM Magazine readers again with this successful format. We’ve further optimized this immersive experience and added a new and fresh dose of the finest travel inspiration: fifty destinations that are without a doubt worth traveling to in 2017. We even listed the wonderful, once-in-a-lifetime events you should attend next year, for example the cherryblossom festival in South Korea and the White Nights in Russia.

Fascinating and tempting

Zooming in on iFly 2017, you’ll notice that is has all the elements to draw readers in. The cover includes moving pictures (literally and figuratively) and there’s a sweet soundtrack, specially made for iFly 2017. These are some of the elements we created to fascinate the readers and tempt them to scroll further (down) and discover all the destinations and events. Speaking of which: the events we selected take place next year, and that makes iFly 2017 a very relevant magazine for travelers. It really is a definitive guide to the best destinations and not-to-miss events for 2017.
Scroll down to read about the elements that make iFly 2017 such an immersive experience. Can’t wait to discover the magazine for yourself? Then click here.

Discover this cover

We all know how important first impressions are. So, when opening iFly 2017, you’re treated to a triple cover consisting of three alternating images, each with its own moving elements. A great, visual way to start a journey through already the best digital travel magazine of 2017, and discover those bucketlist destinations and events.

Layer cake

What you see is what you get, but that’s not completely the case with iFly 2017. Because you get even more than you can see. The magazine has twenty hidden layers, each with a nice surprise. We don’t want to spoil the cake, but you can count on at least several tasty 360 videos, slideshows and audio interviews, giving you more inspiration and information.

Sharing is caring

Part of the strategy to engage with the iFly KLM Magazine readers and to generate traffic towards the magazine, is the chance to win a ticket to one of your five favorite destinations. This element adds fun for the readers and it gives us – and more importantly KLM – a valuable insight: we learn which must-see destinations and events of 2017 are on top of the readers’ bucketlists. And finally: readers can share their favorite destinations on social media and discuss their bucketlists with friends and family.


Distribution: using other people’s networks

For a part of the distribution strategy of iFly 2017 we chose to follow the route of OPN, meaning Other People’s Network. By using the networks of the fifty tourism boards that are mentioned in the top 50, we can target the people that don’t know iFly KLM Magazine yet. And by helping the boards with the promotion of the magazine via their networks, we can reach a new audience, generate traffic and stimulate engagement. That’s good for KLM, but also for the tourism boards, because their cities, countries and events benefit from the extra attention.

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