Chapter One

The kiteboard legacy begins


The most ambitious kiteboard movie ever made

Kiteboarding’s one of the most thrilling sports on earth. Passionate daredevils who fly 20 meters above the waves, in some of the most beautiful places in the world… Totally unreal. Must’ve led to numerous beautiful movies, right? Wrong! Oddly enough kiteboarding has never been captured in a big international film production. Until now.

Do you know the legendary snowboard movie The Art of Flight? Well, kiteboarding just got its own well deserved equivalent. Aptly titled Chapter One, The Kiteboard Legacy Begins is presented by Wetransfer and produced by our friends at Eyeforce. The most ambitious kiteboard movie ever made takes viewers on a ride along breathtaking kiteboard locations in Fiji, Necker Island, San Fran and many more. And not only that. Chapter One features many of the sport’s legends, current champions and future stars. Take for instance five times world champion Aaron Hadlow and all-time legend Robby Naish.


A personal ride for each fan

To support the movie Born05 created an online platform packed with content for fans around the globe. During the making of the film and after the release the platform provided them with the opportunity to follow the riders and film crew. It gave them a chance to peek behind the scenes, check the latest news, but most of all: get into the flow of this unique project and movie release. is a clear and elegant platform where each fan gets a individual ride.


No distractions

Kiteloops, mega loops, pops: the website needed a clean design and plenty of room to display all these kite maneuvers and other amazing content. Special interests like filming techniques or certain filming locations also have a specific sub-url.

Each page is like scrolling through a glossy magazine, with a focus on great visuals and a clear navigation structure. Also the riders can share a personal url with their followers, leading them directly to their corner on the website. This way the website provides every fan with a soft – and logical – landing.


Everything on the website revolves around the ‘stars’ of the movie: the locations, the crew, the impressive filming techniques and of course the incredible riders. Twenty-one to be precise. From rising stars to absolute legends. Each featured with a small introduction and a ‘gnarly’ action photo.


The filming locations are absolutely awe-inspiring. From ferocious Fiji and our own Dutch coast to Sir Richard Branson’s Necker Island. A secluded private paradise just a few get to visit. It’s only because Virgin sponsored kiteboarder Nick Jacobsen wanted to jump off Mr. Branson’s house and, well… Just go and see the movie.


Interested in cinematography? Than Chapter One is right up your alley. The film crew went all out in producing the most ambitious kiteboard movie ever. Drones, 6K filming, a Phantom Flex 4k on 1000 frames per second… You name it. So be sure to check out all the interviews with the crew members to discover all their secrets.

Get hooked

A specially made blog is the pulsing center of the website. Constant updates containing slide shows, Instagram posts, photography (in four different formats) and videos create a tableau of great visuals and keeps visitors engaged.



The movie will be available for digital download via WeTransfer on October 10th 2016. Prior to the release, the entire crew tours the world. The tour-page shows exactly when the movie is coming to a nearby venue. Luckily until then, fans can ‘catch wind’ of the movie on the Chapter One platform and closely follow the buzz surrounding the release. Great ride everyone!

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