Sints cadeaumachine

The first ever digital wish list generator


Sinterklaas taken to the 21th century

Born05 and have launched the first ever digital Sinterklaas toy book. Sints Cadeaumachine lets children playfully swipe their favorite toys onto their own wish list. The Sint can then easily choose which of those items he wants delivered. The totally unique wish list generator uses a newly developed UX made by a special team of toddlers (and ‘grown ups’). It brings a centuries old children’s festival to 2016, without losing its traditional look and feel.

Sints Cadeaumachine is surprisingly easy to use. Firstly parents create an empty wish list at Children can then choose from more than 500 gifts. Their final wish lists are automatically connected to the account of Sinterklaas and his ‘auxiliary Sints’. As soon as the kids are gone, all orders can placed with just a few clicks.



Wish lists and toy books made from paper are really old fashioned. Kids nowadays much more prefer to use their tablet or smartphone to go and find their favorite gifts. So if you want to reach them (and their parents) you have to digitize the whole gift process. Sints Cadeaumachine does just that. All toys are loaded into the machine automatically and can be filtered by age or gender. In the end all the swipes are not only converted to real and practical wish lists but also to various marketing insights into the toy preferences of kids.



To make Sints Cadeaumachine as user-friendly as possible a totally new UX was designed. With the help of kids! Born05’s design team first made a prototype of the website/app and then invited several groups of children from different ages to come and test it at Born05’s headquarters. The findings of the keen little developers were then implemented into the final designs and UX. For one final check Amsterdam based youth marketing agency, Youngworks, was hired. Ultimately it all led to a cheerful design mix of and Sinterklaas combined with a intuitive interface that’s tailor-made to the kids of today.

Case story

Sints Cadeaumachine is actually a surprise generator that is constantly refreshed with new toys. All items are presented with colorful images and or video’s ready to be swiped onto a wish list. Wanna know more? Then check out this short tutorial.

Brand pages

In addition to the feed of gifts there’s also a special page featuring several participating brands like LEGO®, Mattel, Jumbo and PLAYMOBIL®. Kids just have to select their number one brand to see all its toys.



A totally new way of creating wish list can only be introduced by one man. And that’s Sinterklaas himself. Exclusively for Sints Cadeaumachine retired Sinterklaas, Bram van der Vlugt, did all the voice-overs. And so a long tradition continues; nostalgic but modern at the same time.

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