Must-see stories | curated by topic-leaders | sent to inboxes around the world...

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Let Marple make you interesting

  • Marple curates the best content on your subject.
  • In branded newsletters we engage readers with must-see articles, videos and podcasts.
  • Letting you connect with your contacts on a monthly basis.
  • Keeping you top of mind and building loyal followers and leads.
  • You choose the topic, we'll do the rest.

Only the interesting!

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1. Must-see stories

Together we choose your Marple subject and the possible sub-categories, content angles or themes. We then determine a content calendar, publication frequency and way-of-working.

2. Curated by topic-leaders

Marple mails are custom made with handpicked content from credible online sources, presented with original short-copy. Curation is done by a topic-leader selected by Marple or by someone of your choosing.

3. To inboxes around the world

Marple newsletters have a custom design matching your visual identity. All the featured intro texts link to the full story on their original source. Marple provides you with a complete package (copy, images and code) that your mail provider sends to your database.

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Let’s make you interesting!

Call Jurriaan - Our Marple Expert - +31657450845 or shoot him an e-mail.


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