We love our mothers


One word says it all

We love our mothers. We understand them. They are dear to us. Just as their children, by the way. As Zwitsal we have the obligation and desire to do something special on Mother’s Day.

Not by making a statement saying all mothers are heroes, although we believe that’s quite accurately put. We wanted to create a message that can be send to them. By their children, their partners and other people close by.

What’s real matters most

A message that speaks heavily without saying anything explicitly. A message that’s incredibly recognizable and puts a smile on every mother’s face. A message that resonates Zwitsal’s brand purpose; we’re celebrating real parenthood. The perfect picture of parenthood is irrelevant. The wonderful, messy, chaotic, intense, unexpected and funny one-to-one moments you have with you child(ren) mean so much more. That’s what really matters.

Those real experiences, that real love, that gets you through the days, and yes: the nights, those long nights.

Even when they whisper, say, scream, shout, yell, squeal, screech and cry that one word that defines you for life: ‘Mamaaaaaaaaaah…’
Because deep down you know that they love you to.


500k+ views

The short video was produced in less than three days, all children are real and very much happy with the end result. 🙂 The video was posted and promoted on Facebook and Instagram. We’ve reached more than a half of million viewers, scored more than 1.250 likes, 600+ comments and 250+ shares.

18th May 2018

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