The Kick #21

A Fresh Start

What better way to start the year than with a brand new Kick? Four exciting speakers, beers, French fries and loads of creative audience members… The 21th edition of the creative get-together by Born05, Greenberry and Kaliber, was held at Studio Kapitaal in Utrecht.

Theme? ‘A Fresh Start’

Kasper Kuijpers (YourMajesty), Pascal Rotteveel (Vice), 3D artist Christoph Voorn and illustrator Symen Veenstra rocked the stage

KICK #21


The first Kick of 2018 took place in the new venue of Kapitaal. An open studio for print freaks and talented graphical artists. With a program full of refreshing exhibitions, lectures and music.


The Speakers

In every edition of The Kick four interesting speakers take the stage for a ten-minute presentation. This time four creative geniuses gave their take on new chances and fresh starts.

Symen Veenstra

Talented illustrator Symen Veenstra just recently made a fresh start by installing Keynote for the first time in his life to give a presentation. His last presentation was a long time ago, at a cremation… Illustrating awesome portraits with typographical elements is more his thing. Symen: “To me fresh starts aren’t really a thing. You just look at what you’ve got and build on that. Never stand still, keep your eyes open.”

Kasper Kuijpers (YourMajesty)

“At YourMajesty we deliberately create room in our planning to think freely and develop independent ideas. This way we created products like the educational Bappy app and a paid platform called Absolut Art Exchange on which users can create their own art (11,5k entries so far). This actually led to a live art show.”

Christoph Voorn – digital artist

“For 3D artist Christoph Voorn a successful formula can have an inhibitory effect on creativity. “Clients just want the same thing over and over again.” So when he was asked to create a wall piece for a hotel in Amsterdam, designed by Marcel Wanders, he tried a totally new approach. “I visited the city’s archive, strolled for miles and miles and collected as much imagery as I could. This lead to the incorporation of an ‘Amsterdammetje’ and the A’dam Tower into the artwork. Learning? Every crisis is a chance to leap forward.”

Pascal Rotteveel – Vice (Virtue)

“We’re all in a big circle jerk. Not the pornographic kind, but within the creative industry. With over 700 awards we absolutely love to stroke each other’s egos, without actually worrying about the effectivity of our campaigns. Professional appreciation pushes creativity, but can’t be the sole motivation. So at Virtue we work with data that focusses on viewers. Start with your audience, end up on the podium.”

The aftermovie

This is The Kick

“Back in 2012 The Kick started out as casual meeting for a handful of creatives in the Utrecht area. But in just 5 years it grew to be one of the most popular creative events in the city. The Kick’s goal is to connect and inspire the most talented brains in the business.”

Thanks everyone!

“The Kick #21 was a great start of the year. Awesome talks, a big and enthusiastic audience, great food and music… We could do this every week. Thanks to everyone who participated and we hope to see you at the next Kick! Soon to be announced…”

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01st Feb 2018

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