'Zien is 1... Doen is 2!'

New campaign Samen dementievriendelijk

We’ve created an integrated campaign for Samen dementievriendelijk! It’s built on a brand new mission/pay-off: ‘Zien is 1… Doen is 2’ (Seeing’s 1, doing’s 2) and aims to show the importance of recognizing the signs of dementia and of knowing how to help. So, time for action… Check it out now.

Watch the new commercial

Uncommon hero

The up-close and personal commercial features a ‘normal’ day in the life of Wilma. As she makes her way to a local grocery shop, she gets more and more disoriented, not knowing what she was supposed to do or where she is. She’s showing clear signs of dementia, but none of the passers-by recognize her panic and no-one knows what to do. So Wilma keeps on getting more confused and unsettled. She’s totally lost, until finally an uncommon hero helps her. Followed by the pay-off ‘Zien is 1… Doen is 2’ and a call to action to a free online training.

Together dementia friendly

Samen dementievriendelijk’s goal is to make The Netherlands more dementia friendly. Our integrated campaign – featuring a commercial, social media strategy and an offline publicity stunt – was targeted towards two goals. The commercial and social media publications we’re aimed at ‘Zien’, raising awareness for the disease and showing people how to recognize someone with dementia and how to help. The second part of the social media campaign, as well as the offline publicity stunt focused on ‘Doen’, motivating people to do a free online training on

Testing the Netherlands

The commercial was supported by a comprehensive social media campaign AND a big publicity stunt. Groups of personal coaches visited several Dutch cities and tested 1200 passers-by on their knowledge of recognizing and helping people with dementia. The test results were used to generate extra press coverage in Dutch media. The numbers of the campaign look very positive. More than 20.000 people have already registered and or followed a training on

We would like to thank Samen dementievriendelijk and DPPLR for creating this powerful campaign with us.

03rd Oct 2018

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