The power of branded podcasts

Podcasts have been around for a while, but the medium has never been as much in the spotlight as today. Born05 sees a lot of potential in the medium and is producing its first podcast right now. Marvin Jacobs, a podcast-aficionado for years, explains why.

Why is Born05 embracing a medium which is more than a decade old?

“Since a couple of years there is podcast-revolution going on in the United States. Shows like ‘S-Town’ and ‘Dirty John’ attract tens of millions of listeners. These are high-level productions and beautifully told stories. A balanced mix of voice-over, interviews, music and supporting audio. That has little to do with the podcasts from the early days.”

Where does this listening revolution come from?

“Almost all content we consume is visually driven. It is an enrichment for our media-diet to address another sense. And do not forget, this fits into a broader trend: we use our voice and ears more and more to interact with devices. Think of Siri, Google Home and Amazon Echo.”

How does Born05 respond to the renewed interest in podcasts?

“There isn’t a more intimate medium imaginable than this. You are literally in someone’s ears. Listeners have full attention for the story. That is an extremely interesting place for a brand to be. We see lots of amazing opportunities to integrate branded podcasts into the marketing mix of clients. The medium has unique characteristics that give brands their own voice. It is such a powerful way to connect with people.”

How is Born05 working on podcasts, right now?

“Together with KLM we are exploring the medium at this point. With them we have a long tradition in pushing the boundaries. They understand very well how to tell a story that people like to listen to, within the framework of KLM’s brand values. A branded podcast is a branding tool. You never should develop a podcast with the aim of achieving direct conversion.”

What is the podcast about?

“The format is called ‘The Journey’ and the tagline is ‘the trip that changed everything’. We’ll tell amazing stories of people who have experienced life-changing trips that altered their lives. It is an indirect way to tell how valuable traveling can be. And in that way it is a perfect match with the KLM brand.”

Top 3

Marvin selected 3 branded podcasts that are more than worth listening to.

  • DTR: from Tinder. It dives into the amazing world of online dating in an entertaining way.
  • Trailblazers: from Dell. Bestseller author Walter Isaacson focuses on how a certain industry evolved. From music to airlines.
  • Fathers & Sons: from webshop Mr. Porter and winner of the British Podcast Awards.

Marvin Jacobs is Editorial Director for Born05.
Also check out his columns for Nederlands MediaNetwerk (Dutch)

05th Dec 2017

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