After successfully creating inspirational platforms like Stijl Magazine and Tech Magazine, we’ve launched a brand-new platform, called It’s a video platform and the ultimate online playground where kids can immerse themselves in the world of LEGO by watching movies and – even better – by creating their own LEGO movies.

Back in the eighties – when we were young – we used to play with LEGO for hours, offline and without Angry Birds or Mario Brothers to distract us. Nowadays, kids still play with LEGO, but also with phones, tablets, laptops and gaming consoles. With, we’re providing kids with a completely new and inspiring way to play with LEGO, both online and offline. And because we’re involving parents too, the platform connects kids, fathers and mothers with LEGO and That should lead to more engagement with LEGO in general, more engagement with, valuable customer insights and not to forget: extra LEGO sales.

Additionally, fits perfectly in’s long term strategy of becoming a successful online publisher. In the case of, is not responsible for making the content: the kids are. They create the content and distributes the videos via the platform, making – you’ve guessed it – the publisher. It’s a totally unique and smart way of bringing inspiration to children and parents.


Kids inspire kids

To achieve the targets, we’ve designed as an online playground, where everything revolves around LEGO. By sharing information about LEGO, mostly in the form of pictures and video’s (made by other youngsters), the platform encourages kids to gather their LEGO bricks and start building and filming. To show others what they’ve built, we’re offering them the possibility to make a short movie – starring their LEGO creations. In this way, kids inspire others to start building and filming. By doing so, we also stimulate creativity among kids and create more engagement with LEGO on a level that’s highly visible for youngsters, their friends and parents. And that’s quite unique.


The gift of gifting

Because not all kids (and parents) know how to make a spectacular movie, provides how-to-videos in which vlogger Mike enthusiastically explains how to be a little Spielberg. In addition, kids can use a script generator, sound effects and various backgrounds to make a LEGO Oscar-winning movie. Kids have the chance to win a nice LEGO prize with every movie they make and share. And by exploring the platform and watching the videos, they earn badges. Whoever collects all of them, is rewarded the ultimate badge – which is worth a nice LEGO gift.

Avatar is a responsive platform, so kids can use it on all devices (tablet, smartphone, pc and laptop). As a parent, you can keep an eye on what your kids are viewing, creating and uploading, by linking your account to the platform. Additionally, to use the platform, kids must create a profile with an avatar to ensure their privacy when uploading a movie to YouTube and sharing it on

Okay, time to let the children play: Go to

02nd Aug 2017

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