Meet Tailie

The most precise sizing-app in the world

Say goodbye to sizing tables

Two years ago we started NewBorn to be on the forefront of start-up development and to really challenge our multi-disciplinary team of experts. And now, the first success stories are taking shape. Our successful interactive HEY bracelet for instance. But also our entirely new application called Tailie. The most accurate sizing tool in the world, with a very clever and user-friendly conversational design.

Using your smartphone it lets you measure every body part with extreme accuracy.
In just a few steps: one time… fits all!

Tailie lets you measure every body part with very high accuracy and matches your personal sizes with the exact measurements of the products you want. Giving you a personal size passport to all connected shops. Whether you’re shopping for a suit, a dress, a winter coat or some tights, with Tailie your choice will always be right.

What makes Tailie unique? Well, it uses exact clothing measurements and exact body measurements. So no estimated guesses but hard data. Resulting in results with 98% accuracy.


UX challenge

Giving the fact that Tailie works based upon exact (real life) data, it requires quite some user effort to make sure that the provided data is accurate. Based upon numerous user tests we found out that the onboarding process would take approximately 15 minutes based upon existing flows. First, you need to fill in some personal info and then it’s picture time. Step three is where you use the photos and virtual drawing pins to determine your measurements.

The big challenge was to streamline this process, make it as short as possible and to create an experience that is easy to digest and fun at the same time.


Conversational design

With Tailie being an app the experience is solely focusing on mobile. And with conversation growing increasingly relevant to digital product design it was obvious to look into conversational design. Conversation is a great way of achieving clarity of thought, even if you’re just talking to yourself. But conversation only really begins when a user gets involved.

That’s why we’ve created a virtual tailor that guides user through the process. The in-app conversations and clear instructions designed for each individual step of the measuring process makes you forget all about the steps as you’re actually having fun while creating your own size passport.


04th Dec 2017

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