Lovie Talk:

from risks to riches…

Wednesday, 3 o’clock, Born05 headquarters… Gianfranco Chicco, European Marketing Director at the Lovie Awards, is about to begin his Lovie Talk. An exclusive look at current online trends. This year’s theme: Risk & Rewards. “First there’s fear and then there’s success.”

The Lovie Awards annually honor the best of the European internet, across websites, online advertising, internet video, mobile sites, apps and podcasts, and Social. For the last seven years the Lovie Awards have also been meeting up with ‘best and brightest in the digital world’ in so-called Lovie Talks. This year, Gianfranco Chicco takes the Talks all across Europe to give his view into the ever-changing digital landscape. Around 30 creatives from Born05 and several other agencies attended the Talk in the lobby of the Born05 offices.

Giancarlo used some of his favorite award-winning cases to show how creativity can turn today’s biggest business risks into major breakthroughs. A challenge we’re all too familiar with.


Even the best and most creative ideas won’t be successful without a strong business case. But also extensive research into the target audience and a client’s DNA is absolutely invaluable. Or as Gianfranco puts it: “don’t be tone deaf for cultural voices.” Lastly, technical risks can many times be solved just by asking the help of specialists.

Of course it all starts with the willingness to takes risks. And without luck no-one will win. Beautifully illustrated by Gianfranco with this totally insane but extremely successful campaign for Squatty Potty.

We all want to thank the Lovie Awards, Gianfranco and all who came to attend the Talk.

See you soon!

06th Jun 2017

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