The Kick #17


We all have great ideas, but what do we do with them? In most cases: completely nothing… Luckily there are people who have dedicated their lives to transforming the figments of their imagination into reality.

This is The Kick

The Kick is about three Utrecht-based agencies – Greenberry, Kaliber and us – who decided to collaborate and organize an event for Utrecht’s creative sector. Once every three months we pick a location, a theme, four passionate speakers and offer them ten minutes to tell their story. For this edition, the industrial atmosphere of the Werkspoorkathedraal was the perfect setting for an inspiring evening.

The aftermovie

We can look back at another great edition of The Kick. Did you miss it? Watch the aftermovie!

The speakers

Meet the four visionaries who took us along on their journey.

#1 Martijn van Dijk – Voitures Extravert


Iconic design meets future-proof technology

Martijn van Dijk used to be a marketeer with a love for cars, now he’s the owner of Voitures Extravert to realize his automotive dream: creating the perfect Citroën DS. Without a petrol engine that is… Instead, Martijn gave up his job and decided to create a better version of the iconic car by equipping it with future-proof technology: an electric engine. Not something he could do by himself. Martijn was a marketeer, not a mechanic. So, to make his dream come true, he founded Voitures Extravert, teamed up with three pros from the automotive industry and started making waves among car enthusiasts. Martijn’s idea caught the attention of the right people (read: investors and customers) and since then things really started moving. Now, Voitures Extravert is alive and kicking, not only as a tool to realize Martijn’s dream, but also to make the world a better place by creating, beautiful, powerful and sustainable classic automobiles. So if you love cars, trees and animals, you should keep an eye on Martijn.

#2 Rogier Vijverberg – SuperHeroes


When biology beats paid media

Rogier Vijverberg is a superhero without a cape, who wants to save the world from boring advertisements. An almost impossible task if you ask us. Lucky for him, he can rely on the help of his team at SuperHeroes, a creative ad agency he founded in 2009. Rogier and his teammates believe that smart, sharp creatives outperform expensive media buys any day of the week. He adds: “You should forget about superficial impressions, because we create direct hits which resonate with the target audience on a human level.” In other words: by calling on our primal instincts, SuperHeroes’ creatives evoke real emotions and reactions, like enjoyment, empathy and goose bumps. And that’s what makes advertisements stick in your mind and highly shareable. Rogier’s unique approach hasn’t gone unnoticed, as SuperHeroes now works together with well-known brands as Converse, LG and Nike.

#3 Tey El-Rjula – Tykn


No more invisible children

Worldwide, a total of 230 million children don’t own an official birth certificate, making them invisible for government authorities. No legitimate identification means no access to proper health care, mobility and education. Having experienced these issues first-hand, Tey El-Rjula firmly believes that it’s time for a change. As co-founder of Tykn, he is convinced that digitalisation plays a vital role in preserving and distributing personal data. Traditional paper files just aren’t as reliable anymore. They deteriorate and get lost easily. And identity fraud remains a serious problem. To solve these issues, Tey decided to use the power of blockchain technology and bitcoins. The strength of blockchain technology lies in the unique ID each file has. Once a document is made, it automatically receives a digital fingerprint, conforming its authenticity. Afterwards, the original file ends up in the blockchain itself. Tey and his team have created a tool that saves these unique digital fingerprints, to make tampering impossible. The concept behind Tykn is that, once a file is copied, its ID will always match the original version. When a baby is born, a nurse or doctor fills in a document containing the child’s birth records and sends it to the blockchain. Instantly verifying the infant’s identity and birth. That’s how to make the children visible again.

#4 Sidney Vollmer – Digitalisme


The pros and cons of digitalism

Like most of us, Sidney Vollmer has a love-hate relationship with technology. We spend an increasing amount of time behind the screen(s) of our computer(s) and smartphone(s). Whether it’s for work, school or pleasure. The rise of digitalism has had a significant impact on our society and the way we interact with each other. We often state that technology is the solution for everything, but is this really the case? That’s why author Sydney Vollmer hosts a series of podcasts called ‘digitalisme’, in which he explores the flipside of digitalisation. It’s no surprise that his podcasts have attracted many curious listeners. Its proof that Sydney isn’t the only one seeking for that healthy middle ground when it comes to technology.

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03rd Mar 2017

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