Heart Story

A gripping short film by Born05/5IVE and Alzheimer Nederland

Everything Alzheimer Nederland does, revolves around people with dementia and their loved ones. But how do you show this? Not in a few words on a website. So that’s why our sister agency 5IVE came up with the idea for a special video. Together with production company Wefilm an impressive and emotional short film was created.

“New memories”

Creative Director, Dennis van Vugt: “Heart Story is about a man who gets diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. It’s about his most beautiful memories, the impact of the diagnosis, the grief and uncertainty. But also about hope and the future. Life doesn’t stop and he’s not alone. A lot of people are doing everything to improve his quality of life and to help him make new memories. Our short film symbolizes the thousands of real stories told by people with dementia. And thus tells the story of Alzheimer Nederland, a wonderful organization that strives towards a future without dementia.”

“More than expected”

Heart Story touched a lot of people at Alzheimer Nederland. Head of Marketing Patricia Kerckhoff: “Two things especially touched me during the production process. The total commitment of 5IVE, Wefilm and all who worked on the film. Everyone did way more than was expected of them. Secondly, we really wanted to make sure the film was credible. During several stages of the process we asked the audience, patients and caregivers for their opinion. I remember someone with dementia coming up to me and saying: ‘this is it, no more and no less.’ After hearing that I knew for sure we did well.”

28th Oct 2016

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