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Hack Six

The Annual Short Film Fiesta

The older we get, the more we value traditions. The annual hackathon is one of our most prominent habits. Once every year we are surprised with a magical day and night by our legendary organizing committee, which fully operates under everybody’s radar. Two things we all do know: we will be working together in teams and at the end of the spectacle we will be presenting something we have been fiercely working on that day.

7 o’clock, in the morning

We enjoyed breakfast in the backyard of our friends at Greenberry. Stocky sandwiches and powerful espressos were soldiered. Incoming message: return to HQ. Upon return, smoke filled the ground floor. Strobe lights were flashing. It was really dark. Beats were pumping. And then they arrived. Two horsemen in matching pink suits. It didn’t make sense. They sat down, motionless. These were the guys that have been messing with us for weeks, dropping indistinct hints and shadowy sidenotes. They had canvasses with our names on them, team by team we had to come forward. On the table, near to their pearly white sneakers, we had to choose two envelopes from a large stack. In it we found a filmscript, a genre and the rules (yes, the rules!). Plus the invitation to the 150 Festival where our film would debut that night. No pressure.

The loviest deja-vu!

Welcome to the 150 Festival

Every team went to a designated working location (base camp) in our office. There we found all the material with which we could go forward. The deja-vu didn’t take long, after last year (the 140 Film Festival) we understood that we were going to do it again, but this time we had to add 10 seconds to our films. And we all knew that the competition would be vicious. The films we produced during Hack V (the 140 Festival) were really impressive and raised the bar from the very beginning.

Every film needed to be 150 seconds long, had to follow the script and a randomly picked genre. Teams were forced to go Bollywood, gangster or music video. Others made a comedy, a thriller, a road movie or a silent movie.

Working together

Everybody’s an actor

Detailed scripts were written, storyboards drawn and ten productions started. Hotels were booked, parking lots were palisaded, prisons visited. Before mid-day we handed in our film posters – you’re nothing without a poster. And by 7 PM we handed in our films.


Incoming message: Change your outfit (‘summer night out’), get on that rental bike we chartered for you and cruise towards De Moestuin (best translated as The Home Garden). There we toasted, shared war stories, barbecued and toasted again. On the beautiful lawn we saw a three-wheeled tuk tuk with a big led screen and some monstrous sound boxes. In the grass we chilled on beanbags. Time to debut.

What we’ve seen was
amazing, again.

In less than 12 hours, 10 short films were produced. And, no exception: they were f**king awesome. Artistic droning in Rotterdam, erotic fantasies, the first Born05-sequel (Drop Dead II), Hannibal-esque dinner parties and outlandish kaki’s. We’ve made a selection for you to see. Enjoy. In the meantime, we’ll be anxiously looking forward to Seven.

02nd Jul 2018

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