From some cookies you simply can’t get enough… With the case of Oreo the same thing counts for their commercials.

Rolling Wonder

In the most recent global commercial we see a mother revive her childhood. Back to the seventies of roller disco where you could meet the strangest characters. Doing so Buck represented the brands message of diversity and openness.


Some companies have the luxury of creating multiple Oreo spots. Hue & Cry is one of them. Their first spot was based on the ‘Wonderfilled’ theme song. In a classic cel frame animation we meet our old Disney friend Aladdin.

Size says nothing

“It’s not how big you are, it’s how big you wonder”. For Oreo Minis Hue & Cry created an epic animated journey from the kitchen table to the outer reaches of the cosmos. Take a wonderfilled flight with the tiny cookie that’s big on imagination.

Endless possibilities

Brand New School is the next company which have made multiple Oreo spots. Starting of with ‘Play with Oreo’ where they show that with creativity the possibilities of eating an Oreo are endless.
To continue this thought they created a world is filled with tiny creatures and animations which makes it fun to watch (and eat them) again and again.

Collab or Sponsorship

A strange one in this list is the collaboration with – or is it sponsoring of – Walmart. The world’s largest retailer and the world’s favourite cookie teamed up to sell the message that everyday wonders help us live better.

Mini Man

To launch the Oreo Mini in Argentina Place created these sets of mini commercials which adds a funny character look to the cookie. Shout out to Döda Vänster agency who came up with all the stories.

The Cookie version of Coke

Somehow the Coke spot of ‘The Happiness Factory’ keeps popping up. It seems like many brand wants to revive the world behind the product. A fantasy paradise where Willy Wonka meets Santa Claus. Oreo’s version is supposed to be well hid. Maybe they shouldn’t have made the entrance shaped in a giant Oreo cookie. Still a lovely story where extra credits go out the camera work and designed worlds.

More Oreo

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22nd Feb 2016

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