The vast majority of commercials are produced by the automotive industry. Let’s take a closer look at their recent work.

Travel & Exploration

The concept behind this commercial for America’s iconic car brand Lincoln is based on the need to travel and explore. What’s nice is that the product is self only subtile revealed in the end triggering your curiosity even more. Concept by from Hudson Rouge and special props to the production house Block & Tackle.

The Coca Cola of cars

If my car choice was based upon commercials, I would only drive Honda. It’s not the first time I talk about their spots (and it won’t be the last). In the next spot we follow the dream world of the designers and engineers of Honda. It somewhere reminds me of The Happiness Factory of Coca Cola with a very rich and detailed world. The transition of the car color is really nice, but over all it might be a bit too much. Maybe the engineer are on steroids, or they mashed up multiple dreams together. Then again the commercial never gets bored since you keep on discovering new details. Concept by RPA and motion by Roof Studio.

Next dream

Continuing on the brands insane dreamworld theme we have the spot ‘Endless Road’. Here we get hypnotised by a looping quest for the most efficient and performing car. Even though this spot is as visually overwhelming as the previous one, the focus is on only one feature: the spinning motion. For me a stronger and simpler concept which results in a clearer and better execution. Nice job by McGarry Bowen and Glassworks studio.

Swedish Super power

Däckteam is Sweden’s largest tire supplier, With their products and service you give your car the super powers it deservers. Inspired by Pixar’s ‘The Incredibles’ Upper First created an animated spot where we see the Swedish superhero changing tires as fast as a Formule One stop.


Pop quiz: who are the nemesis’ of the world’s greatest?
Themselves. In a show down we follow Mohammed Ali, Maria Sharapova, Magnus Carlsen and their automotive equivalent: the Porsche 911. The same story goes for the end result where a very strong concept is challenged by an equally strong execution. Nice work by director Mark Jenkinson.

Last Week

Last week we went technical with motion tracking. There’s more to it than Iron Man: from Ray Harryhausen to realtime face tracking? Read more over here.

01st Feb 2016

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