Like ‘pepernoten’ in September Christmas commercials arrive way before Santa does. Here’s my top 5 of this year’s short story length commercials.

Real Santa’s ground

Let’s start of in the land of the real Sinterklaas: Spain! The national lottery went all Pixar this year with the 210 second short about Justino the night security guard of the mannequin factory. Working when others sleep and sleeping when others work Justino has to entertain himself. When the daily workers win the lottery he feels even more lonely. Is he totally forgotten or will the christmas spirit prevail.

Imaginary world

Sky Channel continues the path of the imaginary world. This time through the eyes of a young girl who needs to get rid of her christmas dinner sprouts. The script writers nicely embedded all the film genres in the girls journey. Checking all the clients boxes they deliver a really nice commercial!

Harrods goes stop motion

Christmas stories love loners and the undervalued. In Harrods ‘The Land of Make Believe’ we follow the tiny mouse Peter. Playing the stop-motion card they gained a spot in my top 5. Production agency A+C Studio’s smartly teamed up with Aardman Animations head model maker Jim Parkyn for this 9 week production. See some behind the scenes in the making of.

Star level

A brand that will be in everyone’s top 5 is British department store John Lewis. For almost a decade they’ve been producing the best christmas commercials in the world. This year they’ve chosen a charity which badly needed some public attention. Age UK focusses on the growing amount of elderly people who get isolated.

What’s more lonely and distanced than the moon? The smart creatives of DDB London mixed the Christmas advent calendar with the moon calendar both peaking this year on the 25th of december. Thus the story of a young girl who wants the send a gift to the lonely old man on the moon.

In the end it’s about branding and sales so BDDO expanded the campaign with the Man on the Moon app where the shopping crowd can unlock special features when they find the man on te moon logo on the shopping bags or posters spread around the store. If you don’t live nearby a shop there’s always the mini game and a countdown calendar.

No. 1

My personal favourite this year is without a doubt from Sainsbury. Here they focus on UK children’s book star cat Mog who already featured in 17 books. Mixing live action with CGI they’ve created a real authentic style.

Always fun to watch is the making of where we get a bit more info of the character’s background. Like John Lewis, also Sainsbury plays the charity card. The profit’s of the special edition book and toy will go to the foundation that improves child literacy.

Last Week

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23rd Nov 2015

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