Born05 Hackathon IV: the Crazy 55

Goodbye comfort zone!

Two new tattoo’s and three piercings. Some serious bedtime action between total strangers. Milked cows, live radio appearances and several stitches. Just an ordinary day at Born05. Well, on Hackathon-day that is. For the fourth edition of our annual creative bonanza we went all out. In more ways than you can imagine…

Born05’s fourth Hackathon was highly anticipated, but hints about the oncoming events were guarded like Coca Cola ingredients. All three earlier Hackathons were a great success with loads of creative in- and output. This year’s edition promised to be something totally different. It wasn’t until the morning of the event that the top secret program was revealed.

All Born05’ers were gathered and received their orders via a video message from two haute-couture drill instructors. Some of the trembling recruits already noticed the taxis gathering around Born05’s headquarters. And yes: teams of three were made and sent off by the three-pieced camouflaged suits. ‘Grab one the cars and venture into the great unknown. Good luck!’

The Crazy 55

What followed was a totally insane carnival of events. Nine teams, nine different locations and 55 crazy assignments. To fulfill as many assignments as possible team members had to be creative, resourceful and at times plain stupid. All reservations had to go if you were to stand a chance of winning. And the team members delivered bravely. Two jurors back at the office were flooded with WhatsApp messages full of hilarious vids and pics of completed shenanigans.

Wanna try the Crazy 55 with your friends?

Download the assignments here

Apocalypse now

A foot race between two elderly women behind their strollers. Swimming in ice cold water. Joyriding a 100k+ car. We can go on forever. The passion and conviction (read: peer pressure) amongst the contestants was absolutely tremendous. Five of them were even crazy enough to get a new piercing or tattoo. Needless to say: points were awarded generously and all teams did some really outlandish sh*t. After an apocalyptic day it was Team 9 that rose from the ashes to take home the grand prize.

Why for heaven’s sake?

The almighty Born05 Hackathon is all about sharing creativity. It’s meant to get juices flowing even faster than normal and moves far from daily routines. All Born05’ers are able to participate. It’s not a traditional hackathon of programmers coding the bejesus out of each other. The first three editions were inside our offices and lasted 24 hours. But this year we chose to take our Hackathon into the open. Sending all colleagues into oblivion seemed like a very good idea. Leaving your comfort zone is healthy, right?

It turned out to be a great success. Our fourth Hackathon surpassed all expectations. It was a day full of bright and not so bright ideas, team spirit and mental support. Can’t wait to see what next year’s Hackathon will bring.

30th Nov 2016

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