Branded content breakdown

The new perspective on bar conversations

More than ever we’re in pursuit of the consumers’ attention. Marketing professionals realize that there are two growing issues. First of all, the battle for attention is becoming harder and more expensive. Second, the consuming time of traditional advertising is decreasing rapidly.

In this perspective earning attention by using branded content seems to be the new holy grail. Brands are acting more like publishers to attract consumers’ attention. Some do very well, some don’t. How come? Branded content suggests content about brands. But people aren’t interested in a published brand story. They are interested in stories about their interests.

Engaging content isn’t about brands, it’s about human interests. It’s emotional content that enriches consumers’ life. Content that unites. Content that touches the hearts and minds of people and inspires them to take action. Sounds great, but how? Well it’s just like an ordinary bar conversation. First you need to know the person you are talking to before you can relate. Knowing audiences is key. What are their interests? What are they passionate about? What really moves them? What makes them tick?


But just knowing audiences isn’t enough. Brands need to realize what their added value in this field of interests could be. Otherwise brands are not recognized as credible publishers. If you know your conversation partner is fully into Japanese art house movies, it doesn’t make sense talking about Leslie Nielsen’s acting performance in Naked Gun 33 1/3: The Final Insult. There is an emotional and or functional way to fit the field of interest. In other words, does the field of interest match with the brand purpose and does the brand own relevant propositions which enhances the presence of the brand? If so, brands likely have the authority to publish successful content in the shared interest field.


Finally, being at the right moment in the right place is vital. It’s always vital. The user journey is a helpful tool to get a really good insight in the behaviour of audiences, relevant touchpoints, available channels and brand objectives. It can even unveil gaps where brands could team up with non-competing brands in worthwhile partnerships. Sometimes you just need a friend who knows all about Akira Kurosawa.

Do you want to know all about Akira Kurosawa? Please use Google. Do you want to know all about the opportunities of shared interests for your brand? Please contact us.

15th Mar 2017

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