Two in a row!

iFly KLM Selections wins the Red Dot Award 2017

Winning a Red Dot Award is quite a rare achievement. Winning it twice in a row? Nearly impossible. But we just did it! At the Red Dot Gala in Berlin, on the 27th of October, iFly KLM Selections will receive the Red Dot Award: Communication Design 2017. And so the KLM & Born05 success story continues…


Six Webbys, multiple SpinAwards and FWA’s and now: a second Red Dot Award. KLM’s inspirational traveling platform iFly KLM and its various spinoffs have won over the hearts of judges around the globe. But not only that. Millions of visitors have been inspired by the mesmerizing travel content on the iFly KLM platforms. The newly awarded iFly KLM Selections has found a perfect way to tailor that vast amount of content to the specific needs of individual travelers.

About iFly KLM Selections

iFly KLM Selections allows KLM to target existing and new customers with high-end content. With a collection of over 500 articles (and counting) there’s something special for everyone. iFly KLM Selections can therefore be a customized loyalty magazine that inspires existing KLM fliers. But also a starting point to reach new customers via personalized communication. This smart targeting strategy can be based on popular themes, specific regions, current events, KLM campaigns and even the wishes of individual customers. iFly KLM Selections knows where you’re going. Even before you do…

From the judges

“This year, we received more than 8,000 submissions from 50 countries and all projects were assessed individually by an independent and international expert jury. The Red Dot Award: Communication Design thus stands for one of the most renowned evaluation awards for good design and creativity.”

Check out KLM iFly Selections.

10th Aug 2017

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