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For 60 years ASN Bank, the most sustainable bank in The Netherlands, has made it its mission to encourage a more sustainable society. They do so as part of their role as a bank, but also by informing and inspiring people to live in a greener and more sustainable way. To take the next step ASN asked us to help with developing a concept and the execution thereof for their new content platform.


ASN Bank is constantly committing itself to sustainable progress. In the corporate domain they emphasize this with content about how they invest the money of their customers and the choices they make as a sustainable bank. Apart from that, ASN was also looking for a place where they could even spread their message and mission even better. Where sustainability and sustainable change are the main subjects. A platform which makes it possible for ASN to move towards Dutch society.

The idea.

We wanted to create a platform that is THE place for sustainable change. A place for a weekly dose of sustainable news, information and scattering. A place where we inform about the importance of sustainability, inspire people to live more sustainable and stimulate sustainable choices. All in an accessible and attractive way.

The result.

VanHier is a visually attractive platform that is in the center of the world, knows what’s going on and acts upon it. Not a news platform, but always aware of topics of concern in society. A place where extra content shines a new light on the news and where connections are made no one else thought of. VanHier constantly inspires its visitors. So they can (again) discover that living sustainable is fun and doable and act upon it.

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De Zonnebloem


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