part time

You know all there is to know about selection and recruitment procedures. How to help colleagues grow in their careers and how to support team leads in their management tasks. In short, you know exactly how to be a perfect HR advisor. But the question is: can you be one at Born05?

Your job:

  • Streamlining the whole recruitment and selection process
  • Contributing to the personal development of Born05 colleagues and keeping an eye on the education budget
  • Recruiting new talents, maintaining relations with schools, organizing events for
  • students and supporting trainees
  • Keeping up to date with HR-related legal changes and terms of employment
  • Monitoring working conditions and sickness absence, contacting health and safety officers and helping long-time absentees
  • Helping new colleagues feel at home with an introduction plan
  • Informing and updating the Born05 managers
  • Guarding the Born05 culture

We’re looking for:

  • An experienced HR-advisor
  • Available 24 hours a week (preferably over 4 days)
  • With a University or HBO level education
  • Several years of HR experience (> 3), preferably at a creative agency
  • Broad experience in all HR-tasks like implementing performance evaluation methods, reviewing and updating job descriptions and maintaining company policies
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills
  • Problem-solving attitude
  • Interest in, and affinity with, online marketing/new media



To be successful in this role, you must have an academic and professional background in HR, along with good understanding of labor legislation. Ultimately, you will nurture a healthy work environment that contributes to achieving Born05’s business and personal goals. So, are you a team player who’s also comfortable in working independently? Are you experienced and passionate about HR and do you love working with ambitious people? Then go for it! Send your motivation and background info to

We all work together in one – very pretty – building, our home. Strategists, designers, project managers and developers, they all roam around freely here. Not only because it’s more fun, but because we believe that great things happen when we work closely together.


All our work, everything we do, revolves around the customer journey. We’re not going to explain the entire concept here, but basically: the end user is the overlord. Just keep that in mind. If you join us, you will become an end-user-centric-journey-model-expert in no time.


Enough about us, it’s time for you to make your mark. There are many ways to show us your skills, the ball’s in your court here. So, let us know you are out there. Our coffee is great.

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