Business Director

How we see you?

We are looking for an exceptional Business Director who knows the value of long-term relationships and cultivates them. You have a strong entrepreneurial spirit, a nose for business and the ability to champion our work. You work side-by-side with our clients to shape projects from the ground off. You can be a geek when it comes to new digital innovations, but also understand how to grasp a business opportunity when it comes along. We know our clients are in good hands with you, as you always give them the full Born05 treatment.

Roles & Responsibilities

  • Role of senior day-to-day client contact;
  • Develop and cultivate strong durable relationships with client teams;
  • Oversight of project developments and secure short and long-term objectives;
  • Writing business proposals, commercial year plans, estimates and invoices with a knack for numbers, allowing you to set up realistic and target-driven quotes;
  • Filter and translate the feedback from clients and structurally update the internal team at Born05;
  • Proactive internal reporting on account status towards the board as well as project management and other team members;
  • Show and prove to have genuine interest in both macro as well as micro knowledge of the customers’ business by proactive research of brand, market and its stakeholders;
  • Accountable for the delivery of high quality creative solutions and products matching up to client challenges seamlessly;
  • Generate ideas to develop new business opportunities with new and existing partner;
  • Individually run the financial and administrative systems as smooth as possible.

Skills and Experience

  • Experience with actual representation of brands and/or agencies and account managing;
  • Experience with managing integrated (digital) campaigns/projects;
  • You are able to showcase our culture and capabilities, and sell strategic solutions/concepts;
  • You wake up with a genuine curiosity and interest in creative digital projects combined with the spirit of an entrepreneur;
  • Excellent social skills and able to work with a wide variety of people;
  • Excellent social skills, a big network and you are able to work with a wide variety of people.

We all work together in one – very pretty – building, our home. Strategists, designers, project managers and developers, they all roam around freely here. Not only because it’s more fun, but because we believe that great things happen when we work closely together.


All our work, everything we do, revolves around the customer journey. We’re not going to explain the entire concept here, but basically: the end user is the overlord. Just keep that in mind. If you join us, you will become an end-user-centric-journey-model-expert in no time.


Enough about us, it’s time for you to make your mark. There are many ways to show us your skills, the ball’s in your court here. So, let us know you are out there. Our coffee is great.

Coffee please

Business Director
- 40 Hours
- HBO or University education level
- Client friendly
- Optimist