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Senior Client Partner Sander Tacx

May we introduce to you, our new Senior Client Partner: Sander Tacx. A towering (2.02 meters) account heavy weight with a lengthy track record in online brand building and business development. After years at agencies like Media Republic, LBi and Boondoggle he just recently decided to join Born05. Sander will be at the forefront of our new positioning – catering to existing as well as new clients.

“Changing attitudes by pushing the right buttons”

“I think there’s are only a handful of agencies that really know how to get to the core of a brand and its audiences like Born05 does. We create a world of relevant content around our clients and we know how to keep customers captivated. Long term thinking, no one-off’s. This is the perfect fundament to build brands as well as attracting new audiences. Either through developing new utilities and services or with sharp (activation) campaigns and distribution strategies. KLM’s iFly and’s Cadeaumachine and inspiration platforms are perfect examples of this. Smart and relevant approaches that are all about moving and motivating people, which ultimately leads to conversion. Media consumption is changing and this is the future! I am very happy to be part of that.”

Origins of Sander

That’s really awesome Sander, but before we move into the future, let’s first delve into the source of your fondness for brands and online marketing. “Well, as I child I was already fascinated by commercials. Me and my friend Pepijn even talked in slogans. If someone offered us some milk we would reply: ‘well, I love a little household gamble’, which was Robijn’s pay-off at the time. Also tv-shows by Willem Ruijs and later Rolf Wouters always had my utmost attention. The fact that one person could move an entire crowd or audience by just starting a simple tune… Intriguing.”

Pushing the right buttons

‘What is it that makes people move?’ A question that’s always stayed with Sander. Even when he was studying at the HEAO, reading books by Giep Franzen and digging deep into the psychology behind marketing. After finishing school he started working as an adventure coach in the Belgian Ardennes, taking groups on survival tours through caves, mountains and rivers and teaching them to work together on the way. During that time he again noticed that a simple nudge or incentive could be enough to completely change the way people felt or acted. “Group dynamics are so interesting. Changing attitudes by pushing the right buttons. That’s exactly how communication works. On big and on small scales.”


After several seasons in the Belgian ‘highlands’ Sander went on to work in the media and recruitment business. And when he got an assignment from MTV Sander decided to recruit himself. Back in 2005, when Hyves was still around. At MTV he was introduced to the possibilities of activating and building brands through digital marketing. To take this even further he joined Media Republic and worked for clients like Unilever and Philips. Four years later it was time for the next step. After moving to LBi first, he ended up at Belgian owned agency Boondoggle; “a very entrepreneurial, forward thinking and progressive digital agency”.

“If people are willing to put a Born05 tattoo on their body, there must be a good vibe going on”


New plans

“Boondoggle was a frontrunner in the Dutch digital landscape telling the world what ‘digital’ really means. It’s more than just thinking of what you can do on a screen, it’s placing the needs of end-users first. Talk about benefits instead of features. Nowadays, hopefully, common knowledge, but back then… I had a great time over there with lots of interesting projects and newly acquired clients. The merger with Havas Amsterdam offered a very interesting time, integrating two agencies and cultures. This however didn’t give me the energy I was looking for. So when Born05 approached me during my sabbatical I was immediately tempted. Erik Dijkhuizen en Rogier IJzermans laid out their plans to broaden the agency’s activities towards activation, distribution and building brands. I completely share their views and just love Born05’s philosophy and culture. You can feel that the people at Born05 are hand-picked. It’s a tight knit group with a lot of talent and drive. There’s so much inherent entrepreneurship and everyone’s willing to go for it. If people are willing to put a Born05 tattoo on their body, there must be a good vibe going on! I totally believe in this club and I’m eager to start adventuring again.”

15th Mar 2017

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