Twenty-sixteen, what a year it was. We took off with co-pilots 5IVE and NewBorn, reached for the stars, got there… and stayed there. Okay, that’s probably a bit cheesy and exaggerated. Point is: we had a great year, filled with highlights. Let’s look back on the best moments of 2016.

These are our 5 high fives of 2016, in random order:

Born05 #01

Red Dot Award for iFly50

In august we got the news that made us happier than a preacher in a month of Sundays: iFly50 was to receive a Red Dot Award in the category ‘Best of the Best’. A month later, the iFly50-team flew to Berlin to proudly accept the prize and have a small party afterwards…

Born05 #02

Barcelona Birthday Bash

We celebrated our 10th anniversary in 2015, but the ‘real’ celebration happened during our weekend in Barcelona – almost one year later. Turns out that roaming the streets of ‘Barca’ for three days with forty creatives demanded some thorough preparation. It paid off though, because we had an epic time.

Born05 #03

iFly 2017: the list to fill your bucketlist

After the success of iFly50 we decided that it was time to surprise the iFly-readers again, thus we created iFly 2017. An amazing and inspiring digital magazine in the spirit of iFly50, filled with the destinations and events of 2017. It’s a highlight – packed with highlights.

Born05 #04

What the Hack?!

Yup, we did it again. This year we took our Hackathon into the open, because sending all colleagues into oblivion seemed like a very good idea. Leaving your comfort zone is healthy, right? It turned out to be a great success. We’re already looking forward to next year’s edition.

Born05 #05 content with three new content platforms

2016 was the year in which we helped release not one, but three content platforms. In six months, we realized a blog for bookworms, ‘beautynistas’ and techies. In the meanwhile, we made Sints Cadeaumachine: an interactive toybook for kids.

And these are the highlights of partner-in-crime 5IVE, in random order:

5ive #01

Welcome, SIR(E)

Since February 2016, Creative Director Dennis van Vugt is one of the ‘royals’ of SIRE, short for Stichting Ideële Reclame. It’s an independent foundation of volunteers that uses confronting campaigns to bring social issues to the attention of the public and politicians. Dennis is proud and so are we.

5ive #02

A short and gripping film

In 2016 we made a short film for Alzheimer Nederland and it made a big impression on the audience it was intended for: people with dementia and their loved ones. The film – titled ‘Heart Story’ – was (and still is) a success, and thanks to all the beautiful, positive reactions it’s an absolute highlight for us.

5ive #03

Collecteweek 2016: collecting Euro’s for research

During the 7-day Collecteweek, Alzheimer Nederland and their volunteers focus on collecting as much money as possible to fund research into preventing and curing dementia. For the 2016 edition we created a digital collecting box, so people could donate online in case they’d missed the collector ringing their doorbell. This, in combination with the efforts of the collectors, resulted in a huge amount of money for research.

5ive #04

An inspiring information platform

Another highlight was, also for Alzheimer Nederland. An online platform to support, inform and inspire all (Dutch) people that take care of someone with dementia. What makes special is the scale and depth of the platform: it provides answers to the needs of the caregivers and improves their everyday lives. It knows exactly what content to give during all specific stages in the patient’s (and caregiver’s) journey.

5ive #05

Putting Staatsbosbeheer on the map

What’s the best way to easily show the activities you can undertake in the natural areas of Staatsbosbeheer? Yup, with an interactive map. All you have to do, is type in a place and press enter. The map will show all available activities, from hiking to spotting birds of prey. There’s more to it, so try out this highlight for yourself.

22nd Dec 2016

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