Hello, HEY bracelet!

Born05's first startup is taking Kickstarter by storm

HEY bracelet is exploding on Kickstarter! On its first day our own startup has already reached over 50% of its final goal of €125.000. HEY lets you send and receive a touch, wherever you are. It’s the first interactive bracelet that mimics a real human touch. It’s also the very first project launched by our very own NewBorn, showing great success in brand/audience activation and innovative entrepreneurship. You can still order your set of HEY bracelets on Kickstarter. So be sure to go and check it out.

NewBorn: startup meets grownup

NewBorn, powered by Born05, specializes in accelerating innovation. It helps promising startups to grow by connecting them to a vast network and providing them with the right people and tools to flourish. But also by offering them tailor-made brand and business strategies that fit the dynamics of young companies perfectly. NewBorn pushes boundaries, creates room for experiments and explores the unexplored. HEY bracelet is the first example of this. NewBorn’s covering the entire process: from brand development, to creation, marketing, distribution and PR. A perfect example of things to come. And indeed: this summer two more exciting projects will be released, so stay tuned.


Meet HEY: a revolutionary haptic bracelet

Millions of lovers around the world are in a long distance relationship. Despite all available communication options, it remains impossible for them to feel that one special person when they’re not together. Until now! HEY makes it possible to send touch as far as needed. It gives its wearers an actual gentle squeeze, not a mechanical vibration or buzzing sensation. This long distance touch can be comforting, motivating or funny. And it’s always intimate and private. When you get a message on your HEY bracelet you know it’s from the most important person in the world. If all goes according to plan the first bracelets will be delivered in August of 2017.


Go to the HEY bracelet Kickstarter.

Check out more about NewBorn.

14th Feb 2017

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